Michelle Collins


E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
P: 970-384-5946

Professional profile:

Literature has always been my passion, and I love teaching English. I want to help students appreciate the artistry of literature, but I also want them to be examiners of the written word. Students will come across so much textual information in their lives, and I want to make sure they can evaluate it and make strong decisions. In the future, no matter what their future entails, they will need to make decisions based on information presented in a textual form. I want them to feel like they can make those decisions thoughtfully.


Communication preferences:

My preferred communication method is email, as I check it multiple times a day. If phone communication is preferable, please call me during my planning hour or directly after school. I work with students during enrichment, lunch, or directly after school. Please schedule a time if you need extended help, but pop in any time for questions or quick clarification.


Fun facts:

Besides reading, my passion is the river. I love spending time on the river and I work as a part-time guide in the summer. Because of my love for the river, I consider myself "sciency", especially in anatomy, physiology, and ecology. Who knew?

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