On February 27, at 9:30am, Basalt High School will host a St. Baldrick's Foundation Head Shaving Event to raise money for childhood cancer research. This event is being held in honor of BHS junior Anna Cunningham who has been battling Ewing Sarcoma since 2016.

St. Baldrick's Foundation is a volunteer-powered charity that funds childhood cancer research grants. Our community has raised more than $10,000, so that means all of our money earned will be earmarked specifically toward Ewing Sarcoma research! Our new goal? $30,000!

How can the public get involved?

1) Join us as a shavee! Make a pledge to shave your head and ask for St. Baldrick's Foundation donations from your family, friends, and community! Visit the event website to join our Basalt Bold & Bald event. Click on "Join Us" and follow prompts from there; you'll be able to set up your fundraising goal, pick a t-shirt size, and join the growing list of participants.

This part is important: You'll get to a point where you need to choose one these three:
a. Join a team
b. Create a team
c. I don't want to join a team

***You need to click choice "c"*** ("I don't want to join a team"). You'll get your own page and link to share. Your page is linked to the main event so it all goes to one pot! If you have any questions, email event organizer Brent Hayes (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

2) Join us as a volunteer! You can sign up to get your own fundraising page (as above), while not committing to shave your head. (You may attend our event to get 10 inches cut off your hair to donate to an organization that collects human hair for wigs for cancer patients.)

3) DONATE! There are FIVE ways to give money to St. Baldrick's Foundation in support of BHS efforts:

a) Visit the website, and click "Donate."
b) Check out the list of our participants on the website and donate directly to one of their fundraising efforts -- it all goes to the same pot!
c) Call (888) 899-2253 to make a donation by phone to St. Baldrick's Foundation (our event number ID# is E-13584)
d) Print out a donation form on the website and send in a donation by check.
e) Bring check or cash to the front desk of BHS.

4) Come watch our head-shaving event on February 27 at 9:30am! (Bring your cash or checkbook; we'll happily take your donations there!)

Thank you for being part of the excitement, in solidarity with the thousands of child cancer patients who lose their hair through chemotherapy each year.


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