Brent Hayes


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P: 970-384-5961

Professional profile:

I attended high school in Denver and then moved sight unseen to the great Northwest. I enrolled at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon and proceeded to graduate with a B.S in Biology. After graduating I moved to Jackson Wyoming where I resided for 9 years, working as a raft guide and cook.

Upon leaving Jackson, I moved back to Denver to complete a graduate school program (M.A. in Secondary Science Curriculum and Instruction at C.U. Denver). I moved to the Roaring Fork valley 10 years ago. I spent nearly 2 years working for the Roaring Fork Conservancy and have now been teaching at BHS for the last 8 years.

I currently teach (or have taught) Environmental Science, Space Science, Earth Science, Ecology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Biology. I believe in the power of education for creating minds that question the status quo, thoughtfully analyze data, and continually seek out new learning opportunities. I enjoy the challenge of teaching at BHS because we have such a wide range of students in terms of cultural and educational background. I believe that our challenge as educators is not to necessarily close the Achievement Gap (by dropping the ceiling), but rather ensure that all students continue to be thoughtfully challenged and on a trajectory towards success.


Communication preferences:

The best way to contact me is via email or coming to school for a visit.

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