Capstones at BHS!

My name is Diana CordovaElliott and I am the Capstones Coordinator for BHS. A Capstone is an authentic project, product, or performance that allows for the self-directed exploration of a passion or curiosity while working with a community expert and building real-world, transferable skills so that they are prepared for college, modern careers, and adult life. Check out the Capstones presentation in the links to learn more about the program and its history.

Starting with the class of 2018, all BHS students must complete a Capstones project to graduate. A few examples of the completed Capstones projects include drone photography, working with the homeless to provide blessing/self-care bags and haircuts, tiny house construction, documenting the Grand Avenue bridge construction, coaching, business entrepreneurship, authoring books and poetry, filmmaking/videography, art and music projects, interior & exterior design, and building bikes and re-building motorcycles.

An important component of the Capstone process is that students must work with a community expert who can be available to consult and/or assist in their projects. The Roaring Fork Schools invites community members from all backgrounds to be community expert to students! Student projects will be on a variety of topics and require varying levels of commitment. Some projects will require a one-time consultation with an expert, while other projects will need ongoing guidance over the course of the semester. The student and community expert will discuss how often and through what means they will communicate about the student’s project--this is truly an opportunity tailored to the student’s and community expert’s interests and preferences. Please note that community experts who meet with a student four or more times must submit fingerprints and get a background check per the Roaring Fork Schools' volunteer policy.

If you are interested in being a community expert or know someone who might be interested, please let me know at or if you have questions about Capstones, please feel free to contact me.