PEAK (Gifted & Talented)

mixed-abilityIn the Roaring Fork School District, identified gifted and talented children are in PEAK (Program for Educationally Advanced Kids). We support PEAK students in the following ways:

Cluster Grouping within Classrooms

We cluster identified gifted students in groups within mixed ability classrooms.

Personal and Social Support

PEAK students meet regularly as a group with the BHS PEAK Coordinator, Brent Hayes, to socialize, process issues, and receive support in academic planning and goal setting.

Accelerated/Advanced Course Options

We offer a variety of options for acceleration and advanced coursework. These options are outlined in the Academic Development section of this website.

Advanced Learning Plans (ALP)

ALP is an individualized plan for identified gifted students. It is a written record of programming options and goals that support the student's strength area and guide academic planning.

Jason Gulledge, BHS PEAK Coordinator, 970-384-5936,